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Evening Shadows

Film Review: Evening Shadows at Mardi Gras Film Festival

Homosexuality is a taboo subject in India, with Sridhar Rangayan’s gay-themed films only receiving acclaim outside of his home country – where he is still more known as a human rights activist than a director. Evening Shadows feels like the film that could change that.

Yves Saint Laurent

Essential Opinion: Yves Saint Laurent

The performances from the entire ensemble cast are what help elevate director Jalil Lespert’s biopic Yves Saint Laurent; Lespert aims to document the highs and lows of the fashion designer’s personal and professional lives between the late fifties and mid-seventies, and its the strengths of the performances that make covering such a sizeable time period feel palatable.

Essential Opinion: Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards

Essential Opinion: Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards

In the fashion world, the name Manolo instantly brings to mind a plethora of cutting edge shoe designs from close to fifty years of fashion. With a net worth of approximately $200 million, Manolo Blahnik is undoubtably one of the richest, most influential figures in the fashion world.

Just Charlie

Essential Opinion: Just Charlie

On the surface, Just Charlie is a sensitive and tenderly told story of a transgender girl coming out. Yet the film’s strength doesn’t lie solely within this central character struggle – instead, director Rebekah Fortune’s film draws its power from attempting to empathise with the confusion of Charlie’s family as much as Charlie’s own confused gender identity.

Even Lovers Get The Blues

Essential Opinion: Even Lovers Get the Blues

In its opening sequence, Even Lovers Get the Blues perfectly sets the stage for the intense exploration of relationships and adultery that follows- a hedonistic montage of several different sex scenes, both joyous and miserable, all climaxing before the film’s title card has even been revealed.

Saturday Church

Essential Opinion: Saturday Church

Ulysses is a quiet and infinitely shy teenager, a sensitive soul who doesn’t fit in with his peers, and feels increasingly like an outcast as he progresses through his formative high school years. Due to being born with effeminate features, he’s the subject of casual bullying without even opening his mouth, as well as being treated with suspicion by members of his own, deeply religious family.

The Essential Link - The Story of Wilfrid Israel

Film Review: The Essential Link – The Story of Wilfrid Israel at UK International Jewish Film Festival

Wilfrid Israel himself was an openly gay, socialist, Jewish businessman who knew that his time in Germany was limited, so took it upon himself to help save as many people in the Jewish community as possible before events began to take a turn more horrifying than Kristallnacht.

Hello Again

Essential Opinion: Hello Again

For his third feature length effort, director Tom Gustafson has made the ambitious decision to adapt acclaimed off-Broadway musical Hello Again for the big screen. Michael John LaChiusa’s rapturously received stage production details several different romantic encounters, across a 100 year period, all linked together via thematically recurring details in the lyrics and dialogue between the different partners.

The Wound

Film Review: The Wound (Inxeba) at Cambridge Film Festival

Despite dealing with ritual circumcision in the Xhosa community, a long standing hot button topic in South African culture (Nelson Mandela himself went through the same initiation process outlined here), director John Trengrove’s film is refreshingly not an “issue movie”.

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