The Lair

Essential Feature: The Lair 10th Anniversary

The Lair is a campy fun soap opera that ran for three seasons mainly centered around a coven of gay vampires operating a sex club to lure their prey. Each season is full of subplots with a Dorian Gray-like portrait, an abusive boyfriend, a werewolf, a mad scientist, a killer plant, a Gorgon, a killer head, a magic ring and a disgruntled Vampiress. Oh yeah… and there’s a lot of hot guys and sex!

Taxi Zum Klo

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Taxi Zum Klo

German native Frank Ripploh directs and stars in his 1980 feature Taxi Zum Klo, which follows the public and domestic life of a gay schoolteacher residing in West Berlin in the eighties. Frank Ripploh stars as the eponymous protagonist, along with Bernd Broaderup as Bernd, Orpha Termin, and Hans-Gerd Mehrtens as the Leather Boy.

Political Animals

Essential Opinion: Political Animals

Political Animals feels like an important historical document in the making – an important lesson on the progress the LGBT community has made in the last twenty years, and a stark reminder of the progress still needing to be made.

La Noche

Film Review: La Noche at XPOSED International Queer Film Festival

What stands between mundane everyday life and tomorrow’s hangover? La Noche, narrates the sexual adventures of a man who navigates the prostitution underworld of Buenos Aires. For company, he has only drugs, prostitutes, and the incessant solitude that pushes him time and again towards the next fuck, the next shot, the next adventure.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Sugar

Directed by Canadian John Palmer and based on the short stories by Bruce La Bruce, the 2004 movie Sugar features Andre Noble as a relatively sheltered suburban teenager named Cliff who is brought into the manic whirl of rough urban life by a street hustler named Butch (Brendan Fehr) and the ensuing complexity of their romance. Also in the movie are Marnie McPhail as Cliff’s mother Madge and Haylee Wanstail in the role of his sister Cookie.


Essential Opinion: Pulse

A twist on the concept of trans sexuality, in Pulse, Stevie Cruz-Martin and Daniel Monks deliver an insightful look into the challenges of evolving into one’s true self, even walking head-on into the notion of creating your own ideal, perfect life.  Interestingly, this innovative little film can’t help but make you look beyond the physical and consider what really makes you, you.

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