The Fabulous Allan Carr

The Fabulous Allan Carr, Gay Essential Talks To Jeffrey Schwarz

“The Fabulous Allan Carr tells Allan’s story,” Jeffrey Schwarz explains. “But it’s also a social history of gay life from the 50s when little gay boys would channel their obsessions through movies and would worship glamorous movie queens through the 70s when people started coming out of the closet through the 80s when AIDS came along and ruined the party for everyone. That’s sort of the backdrop of Allan’s story.”

The Comedian

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Comedian

The Comedian is a drama directed and written by Tom Shkolnik that premiered at the BFI London Film Festival in 2012. Starring Edward Hogg and featuring Steven Robertson, Elisa Lasowski and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Shkolnik’s feature film debut follows the struggles of a gay man who starts doubting both his career and life choices.

Boy Culture

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Boy Culture

Released in 2006 and directed by Q. Allan Brocka, Boy Culture is the tale of a male escort and his relationship with his two roommates, as well as a mysterious older man. The film won an award for Best Screenplay at the L.A. Outfest. Shot in Seattle, the film features actors Darryl Stephens, Derek Magyar, and Jonathon Trent.

Hit So Hard

Gay Essential Documentaries To Watch, Hit So Hard

Released in 2011, Hit So Hard is an American documentary centred on the grunge movement and the life of a gay rock band drummer. The film was directed by P. David Ebersole, stars Patty Schemel and Courtney Love and contains archive footage of Kristen Pfaff and Kurt Cobain.

4 Days In France

Film Review: Four Days in France (Jours de France) at Outfest

Invariably at every film festival there’s one or two films that don’t get as much festival buzz around them and somehow go under the radar. This is definitely the case for Four Days in France of this year’s Outfest edition. Combining Rimbaud poems, art, anonymous sex, classical music and the notorious dating app Grindr, Jérôme Reybaud’s debut is undoubtedly a daring, but impressive addition to gay cinema.

One Zero One: The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane

Gay Essential Documentaries To Watch, One Zero One: The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane (One Zero One – Die Geschichte von Cybersissy & BayBjane)

This documentale One Zero One: The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane (One Zero One – Die Geschichte von Cybersissy & BayBjane) follows the story of a cabaret performer and a disabled drag queen. Released in 2013, the 90-minute project was written and directed by Tim Lienhard and features Antoine Timmermans and Mourad Zerhouni. The film also features David Pereira, Gregory Rack, Joep and Hans Timmermans.


Film Review: Discreet at Outfest

Jonny Mars plays Alex, a drifter who wades back in to his hometown with the aim of confronting the man who abused him sexually as a child. Upon tracking down his former abuser, finding that he is frail and crippled with physical and mental illness, his original vengeance quest is paused and he continues to lead an existence outside of mainstream society. He is, after all, a man of few words, devoting his free time to either making money pimping himself or other people out- and it should be noted, although this issue is handled with surprising restraint, that the sexual partners he tends to visit are all significantly older men, which could be interpreted as a reason for his relationship with his abuser to become more complicated.

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