The Terence Davies Trilogy

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Terence Davies Trilogy

Released over the course of seven years, The Terence Davies Trilogy centres on the troubled life of a closeted homosexual. Starring Robin Hooper and Valerie Lilley, the motion picture is divided into three different parts: Children (1976), Madonna and Child (1980) and Death and Transfiguration (1983) and was directed and written by Terence Davies.

Obscuro Barroco

Film Review: Obscuro Barroco at Berlinale

Obscuro Barroco is a singular cinematic experience. It’s unconventional, but don’t let its experimental nature put you off. Instead, let director Evangelia Kranioti take your hand and guide you through a glamorous city in a light you’ve never seen it shown in before.


Essential Opinion: 1:54

1:54 is a fantastic teen movie, the debut feature from director Yan England tackles a plethora of serious themes you’d expect to find in an after school special- bullying, suicide and the tension of hiding your sexuality in a hostile school environment are all present here. Where England’s film stands out from the pack is by perfectly integrating them in to an underdog sports drama, that breathes new life in to that tired genre.

Pink Flamingos

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Pink Flamingos

This 1972 crime film follows the life of drag queen Divine and her adventures as a criminal living in Maryland. Starring Babs Johnson and Mary Vivian Pearce, Pink Flamingos the American black comedy was written and directed by John Waters. The latter is also the motion picture’s producer, cinematographer, editor and narrator.

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