The Gay Essential 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway

12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway

Nights are growing longer, days are getting colder, and images of jolly bearded men in red suits are appearing around every corner.  Must be the Christmas Season!  Or perhaps it’s just Bear Night at the local pub.  Either way, the Christmas elves at Gay Essential have worked hard to compile a bag full of sweet gay themed film gifts for our annual 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway.  Don’t forget to stop back throughout the month for multiple chances to win from our selection of cool prizes.

You And The Night

Prize: You and the Night T Shirts 

Kick off the holiday season with a party unlike any other.  The first prize this holiday season is a stunning comfort fit t-shirt inspired by the French sex comedy, You and the Night.  In the film, a group of fantastical guests come together for an orgy.  However, they agree to take the time to get to know one another before any activity starts, each rattling off a bizarre and unbelievable tale about themselves.  Courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures, this tee is a guaranteed conversation-starter, showcasing elements of the fantastical film and setting you up for your own inspired tale of intrigue.  Only 2 t-shirts are available, so act fast!

Love or Whatever

Prize: Love or Whatever Blu Ray and DVD

It’s just not Christmas without love, laughter, and life-altering choices.  And that’s what makes this next holiday surprise so perfect.  Provided by TLA Releasing, the film Love or Whatever presents Corey – a young man who has it all.  His career is successful, he is close with his family, and he has the perfect relationship with his boyfriend.  That is, however, until his boyfriend suddenly dumps him for a woman, leading Corey on a journey of new love and self-discovery.  Santa Claus is very generous with this gift, offering 2 DVDs and 2 Blu Rays for up to 4 prizewinners.

Something Must Break

Prize: Liz in September

Prepare for the cold winter ahead with a glimpse of warm Caribbean beaches and hot lesbian supermodels.  Wolfe Video presents our next prize, a copy of the film Liz in September.  In this story, Liz is a model and party girl who discovers she has an illness.  Not one to accept pity, she attempts to hide her sickness and embark on a Caribbean beach retreat with her friends.  At the resort, a beautiful straight woman catches Liz’s eye, and she decides to pursue this object of her affection.

Dressed As A Girl

Prize: Dressed as a Girl T Shirts

Why not dress as a girl this holiday season?  Gay Essential is offering 2 exclusive t-shirts based on the 2015 docu-comedy, Dressed as a Girl.  Brought to you by Peccadillo Pictures, this outrageous documentary follows the stories of a group of drag performers over 6 years of ups, downs, joyous occasions, and tragedies.  2 lucky winners will seize the opportunity to dress like an elegant lady in these gorgeous t-shirts.

Everlasting Love

Prize: Everlasting Love

Ideal for the Naughty side of your Christmas list, this next prize is a far cry from sugarplum fairies and gingerbread men.  Two winners will claim a copy of the film Everlasting Love, presented by TLA Releasing.  Directed by Marcal Forés, Everlasting Love shares the story of Carlos, a teacher who discovers one of his students, Toni, at a gay cruising spot in Barcelona.  Carlos gives Toni a ride home and the two engage in an intimate, sexual encounter, despite their difference in age and their relationship as teacher and student.  A series of events begins to unfold, ending in a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

 CrocADyke Dundee

Prize: CrocADyke Dundee & Wine Women & Friends DVDs

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a trip to Australia & France! Peccadillo Pictures provides our next holiday gift, a DVD of two films CrocADyke Dundee & Wine Women & Friends.  The first inspiring documentary follows Dawn O’Donnell, a lesbian professional ice skater who landed in Australia in the 1950’s with little more than the clothes on her back.  For the next 50 years, she travelled throughout Sydney, amassing an empire of gay bars, clubs, and drag shows, and ultimately inspired the classic film, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  The second documentary follows Carole Leblanc and Jo Béfort’s wine making careers in France. There are only two copies of this film in Santa’s bag this year, so act fast to win this piece of modern gay history.

 In the Grayscale

Prize: In the Grayscale

Our next holiday prize is a warming story of romance and self-discovery.  One lucky winner will claim a copy of In the Grayscale, provided by Wolfe Video.  In this film, Bruno is a talented architect who has it all – great career, lovely wife and children.  However, he decides he needs some time alone and makes the decision to leave his wife and family.  Bruno is soon offered an opportunity to work on an iconic monument, where he meets a handsome, energetic, gay teacher named Fer.  The two men begin to develop an attraction for one another, as Bruno discovers more about himself and what he wants in life.  This touching film is the perfect addition to your DVD collection.


Prize: Supernatural

Thai filmmaker Thunska Pansittivorakul presents a prize hot enough to melt the marshmallows in your cocoa.  Courtesy of TLA Releasing, one prizewinner will claim a DVD copy of Pansittivorakul’s stirring film, Supernatural.  Set in futuristic Thailand, this film provides a glimpse of an orderly homogenous society where citizens earn merits through good deeds.  However, people are forbidden from touching one another, leaving many of the film’s characters longing for sexual intimacy.  Beautifully shot, this homoerotic masterpiece is a feast for the eyes.


Prize: Eastsiders Season 2

If a funny and heartwarming drama/comedy is on your Christmas list this year, then you don’t want to miss this giveaway.  Wolfe Video presents a DVD copy of the award-winning series, Eastsiders.  Starring Kit Williamson, Van Hansis, Constance Wu, and many others, Eastsiders offers a peek into the lives of a group of gay friends living in Los Angeles.  When Cal (Williamson) discovers Thom (Hansis) has been cheating on him, their relationship begins to unravel.  Audiences are taken on a roller coaster ride of love, humor, and friendship.


Prize: Tattoo

Another award-winning stocking stuffer is the Brazilian film, Tattoo.  Written and directed by Hilton Lacerda, this colorful, energetic piece of cinema shares a vibrant tale of sex, love, and drugs during the repressive 1970’s in Brazil.  Starring Jesuíta Barbosa as Clécio, a flamboyant and boisterous performer in Brazil’s gay underworld, this film shows what happens when a group of gay men refuse to live quietly and play by rules that have been unfairly placed upon them.  This is your chance to win one of the most talked about films from the film festival circuit, courtesy of TLA Releasing.

Jess & James

Prize: Jess & James

For something a little more “over the river and through the woods,” this next gift may be the perfect fit.  Jess & James is another energetic film from TLA Releasing.  Jess is a young man with plenty of secrets and James is seeking escape from his overbearing mother.  The two men decide to embark on a cross-country road trip, traveling throughout Argentina.  During their adventure, they engage in sexual encounters and confront a series of strange occurrences.  Part love story, part road trip movie, Jess & James is the sort of film that belongs on everyone’s Christmas list.

Dishonored Bodies

Prize: Dishonored Bodies

Our next holiday giveaway is the sort of gift that puts the rosy red in Santa’s cheeks.  Dishonored Bodies is an intriguing collection of shorts brought to you by director Juanma Carrillo and TLA Releasing.  Featuring nine steamy, sexy short films, this is a sought-after collection from Spain’s most intriguing filmmaker.  Storylines explore the taboo and the highly sexualized, including stories of gay cruising sites, intimate encounters between lovers, and lively nights on the dance floor.  Only 2 copies made it into Santa’s sleigh this year, so act fast to claim this steamy prize.


Prize: Fulboy

The perfect gift for the sports fan on your list is one of two DVD copies of the film Fulboy.  Brought to you by TLA Releasing, Fulboy is an intimate portrait of an Argentinean football team, including their lives on and off the field.  When footballer Tomás allows his older brother Martín to film his professional football experience, Martín uncovers more than he was expecting.  Tomás’ teammates are less than thrilled with Martín following them around with a camera, as he exposes some of the most vulnerable and intimate moments of a professional football player.

Something Must Break

Prize: Something Must Break

Our final gift this holiday season is a surprise from the snowy North.  Swedish film Something Must Break is a unique masterpiece of Nordic filmmaking.  Featuring a transgender lead, the film portrays a love story between two young men in the midst of polished and straightforward Swedish “Ikeasociety.”  Seeking escape from boredom, the two lovers explore unknowns, such as sexual identity and fear.  Distributed by Network Releasing, Gay Essential only has 3 copies of this incredible film available as prize giveaways.

With so many great film prizes up for grabs, the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway might just be hardest part of your Christmas shopping.  Lucky for you, there are multiple opportunities to win all of these great prizes.  Stop back often for more chances to claim a holiday gift, and stay tuned all year long for the latest and greatest in gay themed films and entertainment.

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