Boys for Sale

Boys For Sale (売買ボーイズ), Gay Essential Talks To Ian Thomas Ash

Boys for Sale (売買ボーイズ) interviews several current and past sex workers about how they got into the sex industry, why they chose this work, their experiences as such and their life plans for once they move on from it – or, if they’re no longer working as such, what they’ve done since. The reasons are surprising and the stories are compelling – though at times, some are also bit sad and others even heartbreaking.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, BearCity

BearCity, directed by Douglas Langway, was released in 2010. The film, shot in New York City, centres on the love lives of a group of close friends in New York’s gay ‘bear’ scene. Joe Conti, Gerald McCullouch and Stephen Guarino star.

The Children's Hour

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Children’s Hour

Starring Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine, The Children’s Hour, is a groundbreaking film about lesbian love and its place in society. Though somewhat controversial at the time, the film helped usher filmmakers and film fanatics along the long road to acceptance. Released in 1961, the film is directed by William Wyler.

Something Like Summer

Film Review: Something Like Summer at Outfest

With a narrative spanning over a decade, director David Berry, making his feature film debut by transforming the story in to a musical, using a mix of original and famous tracks (by artists varying from Regina Spektor to Ne-Yo), that help document the increasing years and romantic entanglements of Benjamin Bentley.

Mädchen in Uniform

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Mädchen in Uniform

The 1958 German drama Mädchen in Uniform, starring Lilli Palmer and Romy Schneider, details the story of Manuela von Meinhardis, who is sent away to an authoritarian boarding school at the command of an unsympathetic aunt. The movie, directed by Géza von Radványi, takes place in 1910-era Potsdam, and is a remake of the 1931 picture directed by distinguished German Karl Froelich.

Beach Rats

Essential Opinion: Beach Rats

Being in the closet, struggling with self acceptance and worrying about what those close to you will think, is an emotional nightmare for anybody who has been through it. In Beach Rats director Eliza Hittman’s sophomore feature deals with coming out in a stylish, hyper masculine way that lays bare all the vulnerabilities of a character putting on a tough front to hide what he believes are temporary demons.

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