Strike a Pose

Film Review: Strike a Pose at Outfest

Though Madonna and Truth or Dare factor greatly into Strike a Pose, the film strikes a perfect balance between not becoming more about Madonna (who only appears in archival footage) than the dancers and not shying away from discussions about her and her effect on their lives then and to this very day.

Southwest of Salem

Film Review: Southwest of Salem at Outfest

Deborah S. Esquenazi’s documentary, Southwest of Salem, is a riveting true-life crime drama. Much like the witch trials of 1692, this is a crime story where the only crime committed was in the court of public opinion, leaving four innocent Texas women to pay for transgressions they never committed.


Downriver, Gay Essential talks to Grant Scicluna

“Having gay characters didn’t seem strange to me. What did end up being strange was having to fight for them. I had to fight for the characters’ sexualities right through the whole process of writing and financing. There were lots of people who wanted to make some of the boys into straight girls or take the boys’ sexuality out of the film.”

Love Is Strange

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Love Is Strange

Released in 2014 and directed by Ira Sachs, Love Is Strange deals with the complexities of gay marriage in modern American society. Starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina, the movie was filmed in New York City, and was nominated for a number of awards, including Outstanding Film at the GLAAD Media Awards.

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