Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland, Gay Essential Talks To Dome Karukoski

Dome Karukoski’s latest film, Tom of Finland, is a moving biopic of decorated war hero, art director, and illustrator, Touko Laaksonen. Known for his sexually liberating drawings of muscular gay men, each signed “Tom of Finland,” Touko Laaksonen courageously sparked a leather-clad LGBT revolution with the playful stroke of his pencil.

This Side of Heaven

Essential Opinion: This Side of Heaven

Shot entirely in black and white, Verow’s film carries an interesting film noir feel to it.  V is the unfortunate victim of circumstance, locked in an ever-present battle with the villainous Shawnith.  A string of sexually motivated young men float in and out of V’s life until Christian arrives – the unexpected femme fatale, or male fatale as it were.

Wild Side

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Wild Side

Directed by Sebastian Lifshitz, this romantic drama film opened at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2004. Starring Stéphanie Michellini, Wild Side explores homosexuality and prostitution, following the dilettante story of a transgendered woman working in the Parisian sex industry.

Out Of Iraq

Film Review: Out Of Iraq at BFI Flare

Scrutinising complex and far-reaching topics like gay military relationships, refugee policies and homophobia in the Middle East, Out Of Iraq is a beautifully gripping and heartwarming account of a truly unique and inspiring love affair and its journey to becoming a protected and legalised marriage.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Open

Directed and written by Jake Yuzna, Open is a debut drama film that follows the non-conformist love story between two individuals who want to undergo gender reassignment therapy. Released in 2010, the film stars Tempest Crane, Gaea Gaddy and Jendeen Forberg.

Counting For Thunder

Essential Opinion: Counting for Thunder

Released in 2015, in Counting For Thunder an actor unlucky with work and love goes back home to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Written, directed and staring Phillip Irwin Cooper, the film also stars Mariette Hartley, John Heard and Peter Stebbings.

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